Free online accounting software


I’ve been expecting a free online accounting software to pop up for a while now. The model is quite popular in CRM with Capsule and Zoho. But so far in finance I’ve only found free invoicing tools.

Wave Accounting has a nice simple user interface, is very easy to use and even manages to handle Irish VAT if set up correctly. Its an ideal solution for very small sole traders who are currently using excel (or worse!) and require a simple package. The great thing is if you keep your own books and records in good order in Wave you will pay less for your accountancy.

If you would like to discuss using wave and saving money on your tax return please call us on 01-4800531 or email

Thesaurus Payroll Software

We are fast approaching the end of the payroll tax year where the ugly P35 will raise its evil head again. Women look forward to February 14th for all the romantic trappings; men and women who are employers dread that date because of what comes next. In case you didn’t know February 15th is P35 filing deadline. For employers the P35 has become a thing of dread but fear not we have the answer!
Thesaurus Payroll Manager offers a simple, cost effective and user friendly method of managing your payroll needs. It will make your life easier, we promise! Whether you are a small one employee business or a payroll practioner Thesaurus has the solution for you.
Payroll Manager can be used for weekly, fortnightly or monthly payroll. Product features include:

• Unlimited employee numbers
• Free telephone support
• Payroll stationery available
• Supports weekly, fortnightly and monthly payroll
• Enables instant setup of employees from prior year ROS P35 or ROS P2C file
• Password protected
• User friendly automated PRSI class selection
• Supports net to gross calculations
• Automated Benefit in Kind calculations
• Automated handling of disability benefit
• Ability to set user level passwords
• Includes taxable and non taxable additions, allowable and non allowable deduction headings
• Pensions – Facilitates flat rate or percentage pension deductions including employer contributions
• Automatic entry of CWPS deductions
• Automatic adjustment of deductions for holiday weeks
• Payslips can be previewed on screen prior to processing and printing
• Payslips can be output to HTML format for ease of email
• Supports electronic payments (e.g. Paypath, IBB, Bankline)
• Full backup and restore functions included
• ROS enabled for P35,P45,P45 Part 3 & P46 submissions
• Calculates holiday entitlements
• Staff holiday/leave planner
• Produces coin analysis
• Full range of reports included
• On screen help and user friendly screens eliminate the need for a manual
• Enables recording of monthly payments to Revenue
• Facilitates password protected PDF payslips for automatic email
• Various reports can be output in HTML format
• Recording of HR information
• Includes section on employment legislation
• Includes foreign language helpsheets
• Additional unlock codes attract a 50% discount
• Full integration with our accounts package – Solutions Plus
• Irish language payslip
• Alphabetical sorting of reports
• PAYE exclusion orders
• Optional Works number
• New ROS specifications
• Central Statistics Office EHECS & NES returns can now be prepared and submitted online
• Facility to import hours from a CSV file
• Ability to FTP backup to remote internet location
• Vista compatible help
• Interactive Health & Safety Toolkit included now offers the Thesaurus Payroll Manager solution to suit your needs. Whether it’s just the standalone software, basic or advance training we have the option. Packages start from just €140 plus vat.

To order please email or call us direct on 091-442882

Online bookkeeping programs

Below is a list of Online bookkeeping programs. I have used them all and my comments are below each link.

Xero is my personal favorite. I have my own practice accounts in Xero. Its reliable, its easy to use and it integrates with a lot of other SAAS applications from CRM packages like Sales force to POS systems.
Kashflow Just like Xero, Kashflow is beautifully simple to use. Based in the UK Kashflow is slightly easier for UK based businesses in terms of VAT reporting.
Outright Unlike the other packages Outright is completely free. It is very much US focused and only supports dollars.