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Britains First Business Book Festival

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This Friday sees Bournemouth host The Business Book Festival. From the website: Meet the UKs best selling business authors at the UKs first business book festival. Hear them speak; listen…

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The Support Dashboard

As our customer base as grown substantially this year, and continues to do so every month, so does the demand on our support team. I needed a way to be…

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Team Photo

I needed some head shots done of a couple of my co-directors to go on, a new product we launched yesterday. It was one of those rare occasions when…

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Your Vanity is Devaluing LinkedIn

I use Twitter every day. Anyone can follow me, and Ill follow anyone who looks interesting. Facebook I use much less frequently and dont have (or want) many friends on…

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Kashflow iPhone App

Today on his twitter stream Kashflow founder Duane Jackson made this announcement Being the geeky accountant I am I was quite excited to see this. Xero’s policy seems to be…

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