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Thesaurus Payroll Software

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We are fast approaching the end of the payroll tax year where the ugly P35 will raise its evil head again. Women look forward to February 14th for all the…

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Kashflow Promotional Code

If anyone is thinking of signing up to Kasflow’s excellent online accounts package I have a discount code which reduces the price from ?15.99 to ?14.99 To avail of the…

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Online Accounts Ireland

Online Accounting Software Ireland

Do My Books along with our partners Xero Online Accounting can now allow you to access your accounts anywhere you have internet access. Accounting shouldn’t be a chore – it…

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Choosing Accounting Software in Ireland

Choosing accounting software is a very important decision for a small business. From my experience the relationship ends up like a marriage (Very expensive if it goes wrong!) Changing packages…

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The importance of IT

One thing I am constantly stressing to my clients is the importance of Information Technology in their business. Take the following scenario as an example: Sales Man A is on…

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