Thesaurus Payroll Software

We are fast approaching the end of the payroll tax year where the ugly P35 will raise its evil head again. Women look forward to February 14th for all the romantic trappings; men and women who are employers dread that date because of what comes next. In case you didn’t know February 15th is P35 filing deadline. For employers the P35 has become a thing of dread but fear not we have the answer!
Thesaurus Payroll Manager offers a simple, cost effective and user friendly method of managing your payroll needs. It will make your life easier, we promise! Whether you are a small one employee business or a payroll practioner Thesaurus has the solution for you.
Payroll Manager can be used for weekly, fortnightly or monthly payroll. Product features include:

• Unlimited employee numbers
• Free telephone support
• Payroll stationery available
• Supports weekly, fortnightly and monthly payroll
• Enables instant setup of employees from prior year ROS P35 or ROS P2C file
• Password protected
• User friendly automated PRSI class selection
• Supports net to gross calculations
• Automated Benefit in Kind calculations
• Automated handling of disability benefit
• Ability to set user level passwords
• Includes taxable and non taxable additions, allowable and non allowable deduction headings
• Pensions – Facilitates flat rate or percentage pension deductions including employer contributions
• Automatic entry of CWPS deductions
• Automatic adjustment of deductions for holiday weeks
• Payslips can be previewed on screen prior to processing and printing
• Payslips can be output to HTML format for ease of email
• Supports electronic payments (e.g. Paypath, IBB, Bankline)
• Full backup and restore functions included
• ROS enabled for P35,P45,P45 Part 3 & P46 submissions
• Calculates holiday entitlements
• Staff holiday/leave planner
• Produces coin analysis
• Full range of reports included
• On screen help and user friendly screens eliminate the need for a manual
• Enables recording of monthly payments to Revenue
• Facilitates password protected PDF payslips for automatic email
• Various reports can be output in HTML format
• Recording of HR information
• Includes section on employment legislation
• Includes foreign language helpsheets
• Additional unlock codes attract a 50% discount
• Full integration with our accounts package – Solutions Plus
• Irish language payslip
• Alphabetical sorting of reports
• PAYE exclusion orders
• Optional Works number
• New ROS specifications
• Central Statistics Office EHECS & NES returns can now be prepared and submitted online
• Facility to import hours from a CSV file
• Ability to FTP backup to remote internet location
• Vista compatible help
• Interactive Health & Safety Toolkit included now offers the Thesaurus Payroll Manager solution to suit your needs. Whether it’s just the standalone software, basic or advance training we have the option. Packages start from just €140 plus vat.

To order please email or call us direct on 091-442882

KashFlow releases new web-based product for accountants

I was initially quite excited to see Kashflow announcing a web based platform for accountants to manage their client base. Then I seen the price. £999 per year with client licenses for Kashflow at £99.

I believe Kashflow have made an error at this point. If Orbit the web based platform was free accountants are quite likely to take it up. If accountants are using it you can be sure they’ll want to automate the process and have their clients using it too. By charging a relatively high amount their turning off accountants. Getting accountants on board means having a massive group of professionals pushing your product across the country.

Further details are below.

If you would like to sign up to Kashflow at a discount there’s a code and link here: Kashflow Discount

If you would like to discuss using Kashflow online accounts in Ireland please contact Ralph on
KashFlow Software Ltd, the London-based makers of the successful online accounting application for small businesses, today introduced Orbit Accounts – a new software product specifically for accountants that want to take advantage of the growing popularity of cloud computing.

Orbit Accounts is web-based software that provides accountants a host of tools and features to enable them to monitor, control and collaborate with their SME clients whilst using the already established and mature KashFlow product as the core accounting software engine.

Orbit Accounts has been in development for the last 12 months and focuses on enabling accountants to leverage web-technologies to better serve their SME clients. As well as letting accountants customise the software by removing features and reports, specifying account codes and locking transactions – Orbit Accounts also provides the accountant the ability to co-brand the software with their own logo and colours. A fully re-brandable white-label option is also available.

KashFlow see accountants as a key channel through which they can continue their impressive growth. Currently around 70 businesses sign up to take a free trial of the KashFlow software every working day. The majority of the businesses don’t currently work with an accountant so they’ll be offered an introduction to accountants that use Orbit Accounts.

“Other accounting software vendors tend to just offer accountants pricing incentives to get them engaged with their products”, said Michelle Gorsuch, Sales Director at KashFlow “We’ve gone a big step further by developing software that’s tightly integrated with our core KashFlow product and specifically tailored to assist the accountant in practice.”

Earlier this week, KashFlow Software was listed in The Guardian as one of the top 100 technology innovators. The software is delivered using the Software-as-a-Service or SaaS model. This means the software is delivered via a web-browser so there’s nothing for users to install whilst updates and backups are taken care of automatically. Rather than buying the software outright, customers pay a fixed-price subscription that includes all upgrades and support.

The software is available on a 30 day free trial. An annual subscription to Orbit Accounts costs £999/year with client licenses for the KashFlow software costing £99/year. The company will be offering discounts to early adopters until the end of October 2010.

For more information, visit

Kashflow Promotional Code

If anyone is thinking of signing up to Kasflow’s excellent online accounts package I have a discount code which reduces the price from £15.99 to £14.99

To avail of the discount use the following promotional code AFF2101584

Or register on the following page Kashflow

Alternative to Fax- The Paperless office

My efforts to create a paperless accountants office is often hamepered by having to get documents signed. Today the solution to this problem fell into my lap when one of my vendors asked me to sign a document using Echo Sign

This was painless, paperless and fast. I have now set up my own accountant and will be testing the package over the next few weeks.

Watch this space for an update


Online Accounts Ireland

Online Accounting Software Ireland

  1. Do My Books along with our partners Xero Online Accounting can now allow you to access your accounts anywhere you have internet access. Accounting shouldn’t be a chore – it should be a chance to get a quick and real time view of your financial position. Now you can with Xero online accounting and Do My Books. Your bookkeeping can be completed in one location while your accountant can access your accounting information from another- Real time!
  2. Xero is an online accounting system that’s simple, smart and secure, helping you save time and money, and making your finances easier to handle. Xero puts you back in control so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.
  3. Work online, in real time and take control – everything you need is at your fingertips allowing you to make decisions quickly
  4. Immediate up to date overview of your business finances and cashflow – you can see it at a glance
  5. Unlimited user logins – Xero lets your accountant, business partner, stakeholders – Or anyone else you authorise into your account to collaborate on your figures.
  6. Xero even works on your mobile, giving you an overview of the accounts for every organisation you manage. See your bank balances, recent transactions and who owes you money on the go. You can even call any contact with a single tap. Xero Mobile works on your iPhone, Windows Mobile or your Blackberry.

If you would like to arrange a free demonstration please email: or contact 086-3336665 or 091-442882

Online Accounts Ireland

Online Accounts Ireland

Accounting Software Ireland Sage Instant Accounts – Username in use

If you are using Sage instant accounts and it closes down untidily the next time you try to log in you may get the error message “username in use”  you can try deleting the Queue.dta file.  With all users logged out of Sage.  Search for the Queue.dta file which is in the ACCDATA folder for the company that is experiencing the problem. Delete this file (Sage will recreate it when it opens again)
Hopefully you can now log in again.

If you require any other advice on Sage accounts please do not hesitate to contact Do My Books Accounting Software Provider Ireland

We can offer fantastic deals on Sage, Big Red Book and Xero online accounts.

Ph: 086-3336665

Office: 091-639970


Choosing Accounting Software in Ireland

Choosing accounting software is a very important decision for a small business. From my experience the relationship ends up like a marriage (Very expensive if it goes wrong!)

Changing packages is difficult, costly and time consuming so its better to get it right the first time.

After 10 years of using accounting packages and 3 years implementing them I have come up with a list of tips below :

  1. Carefully write down what you want from a package first. When choosing you will see lots of amazing features but if your not careful you can get distracted from what YOU need from the software.
  2. Review ongoing costs, Some accounting software providers charge an annual license fee, others don’t.
  3. Consider how the package will suit in 5 years time. If you are considering expanding can the package expand with you.
  4. Don’t over complicate the issue-there’s no point in buying a large package with a  products and job costing modules when all you will use it for is basic book keeping.
  5. Check is there local expertise available, This will be very useful if you need support or training.
  6. Ask for a demonstration disc , it will give you a good feel for the user interface.
  7. Ask other business’s what they use.
  8. Check is the accounting software compatible with other software you use. For example linking a payroll system to an accounting system.This can save a lot of time with data entry.
  9. Will the software work on your existing hardware? Upgrading hardware can be costly.
  10. Are the reporting modules suitable, Your accounting package will contain all your financial information so reporting will be critical.

At Do My Books Accountants Galway we can provide a number of accounting packages including Big Red Book, Xero Online accounts, Sage and Tas books so why not give Ralph a call on 086-3336665 for a free demonstration of any of the packages listed above or email

The importance of IT

One thing I am constantly stressing to my clients is the importance of Information Technology in their business. Take the following scenario as an example:
Sales Man A is on the road with a docket book and pen. When he makes a sale he fills in a triplicate docket. He manually fills in each price from the price list. On Mondays when he’s a bit sleepy from the weekend he might enter in the wrong price or the wrong product.

Each customer has a seperate pricelist so he’s a lot of paperwork with pricelists.

When he gets back to base every evening the dockets are stored to be entered into the accounts package the next day. In the mean time dockets can disappear leading to lost revenue. When the dockets are being entered into the accounts package there is another ‘opportunity’ for human error for example wrong product entered, wrong customer account entered or docket not entered at all.

There is also a reporting problem in that it may take a day or two for the accounts clerk to enter the dockets so the sales manager is waiting on this information.

Sales woman B is on the road with her snazzy new handheld device. Her route is stored on the device so as she arrives at each customer they are next on her list. When she makes a sale she scans the barcode on the product the handheld brings up the product and the price spefically related to that customer. She then hits print a professional delivery docket is printed for the customer to sign.

Before she even gets back to the office the sim card in her handheld device has downloaded the data onto the company network and the accounts clerk can intergrate it into the accounts package with the click of a button.  By 17:30 that evening the sales manager is reviewing the days sales and margins.

From a management point of view critical performance and margin information is timely. From a finance point of view there’s a far less chance of error.