Theo Paphitis book – Enter the dragon

I started into Enter the Dragon
on a short flight to London a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I left the book behind me in the seat pocket. The fact that I was so annoyed I’d lost it and bought another copy straight away is a compliment its self for this book.

Watching Dragons Den I like Theo’s attitude and manners. He’s certainly not as rude as some of the other dragons and seems quite chilled out. This shows through in the book. He appears honest and tells his rags to riches tale with sincerity.

The book is not written as a ‘how to’ guide for entrepreneurs but its certainly good reading for the entrepreneurs among us. Theo’s passion for business and genuine excitement shines through. You can buy the book here

Business Book – Alan Sugar What You See Is What You Get

I was looking forward to getting the time to read this book. Alan started his business from scratch and has a no bullshit approach to business. In certain areas I was a little disappointed. Alan refers to certain  kids from his childhood as ‘pricks’ given that he’s 63 years of age its a long time to carry that resentment.

The story of his early business career is inspiring just like that of James Caan and Theo Paphitis Alan had the enviable ability to see a business opportunity where most people saw junk. The book is written in a light easy going manner and I was compelled to finish quite quickly.