Receipt Bank

Auto Publish in Receiptbank

I’ve been testing auto publish in receipt bank for the last few months with good results.

You set the:

  • Category (Account code in Xero)
  • Tracking category,
  • Due date,
  • Tax rate
  • Where you what the item published (Bill / spend money /Classic expense claims)

Then receipt bank automatically posts it.

You can set receipt bank to post all items but for the moment we are running on a supplier basis to ensure the tax and account codes are correct with new suppliers.

You can access auto publish by clicking “set supplier rules”



Comparison of online accounting software

1. Price above for Xero is single currency, Multi currency is €39.94 per month
2. The development team in Bullet are adding a fixed assets register, developer API and bank feeds in soon
3. Bank feeds are not available for all Irish banks, Noteably Bank of Ireland and AIB
4. Multi Currency in Kashflow does not support foreign currency bank accounts.

Free online accounting software


I’ve been expecting a free online accounting software to pop up for a while now. The model is quite popular in CRM with Capsule and Zoho. But so far in finance I’ve only found free invoicing tools.

Wave Accounting has a nice simple user interface, is very easy to use and even manages to handle Irish VAT if set up correctly. Its an ideal solution for very small sole traders who are currently using excel (or worse!) and require a simple package. The great thing is if you keep your own books and records in good order in Wave you will pay less for your accountancy.

If you would like to discuss using wave and saving money on your tax return please call us on 01-4800531 or email

Are you wasting time on your accounts?

When I started out working for myself I was using a traditional accounting software package. I would key in all the clients bank transactions, purchase invoices, sales invoices ect. .  and then start my reconciling. The process was laborious and had the potential for human error so everything had to be checked twice.

After two months of this I discovered Xero. When I started using Xero I discovered I could import clients bank statements into the package, Albeit in a round about way it was still much faster and far more accurate than typing them in manually. Spurred on by this I then started using recurring invoices for sales and purchase invoices. (This isn’t an exclusive Xero feature. Most accountancy packages have this feature)

By making those two small changes I can almost double the amount of work I do in a normal working day. This allows me to reduce the amount I charge clients and spend more time giving them quality business information and advice.

If you would like to speak further about saving time and money on your accounts process please contact Ralph on 091-442009 or

10 Great things about Xero online accounts – Ireland

1. Its beautiful. The user interface is stunning.

2. The dashboard is gives a great snapshot of your business without having to click into reports.


3. No back ups ever. Anyone with an onsite accounting package knows the heart ache of having to back up their data and remove it off site or pay for offsite remote back up.
4. Its priced well. The cost of Xero is often less than the cost of a remote offsite back up.
5. Automatic bank feeds. As I live in Ireland and its a bit cheeky to mention this as we haven’t got this feature yet but it is possible to import your statements from online banking and hopefully we get the feature soon.
6. No server costs. I have a number of clients who could dump their server and get a networked hard-disk for file storage if they changed to Xero.
7. Its mobile- Xero looks great on your iPhone or Blackberrys browser. No app yet though.
8. It integrates really well with Freshbooks .
9. Your accountant and bookkeeper can access your accounts remotely.
10. Expense Claims – Staff can remotely enter their expense claims saving unnecessary paperwork and administration.

If you would like a demonstration of Xero why not email : or call 091442882 0863336665

Review Of Xero Online Accounts