How to save time when invoicing with Xero online accounts

One of the great things about using an online accounting package like Xero is the time you can save.  There’s still certain points in everyones business where manual data entry is required. One of these points is raising sales invoices.

  1. Use the copy function– A lot of small businesses issue the same or similar invoice every month. By using the copy function data entry time can be saved.  
  2. Use inventory items– If you consistently sell the same items, for example a days consultancy, You can set this as an inventory item which saves choosing the account code price and tax rate every time your rasing an invoice
  3. Recurring invoices– This are my personal choice, If you are invoicing the same client over a fixed period you can set Xero to automatically raise the invoice and either save it as a draft or post it to the sales ledger and email directly to the client. If you combine recurring invoices with auto bank feeds you will ‘almost’ have automated accounting with minimal human input
  4. Integrations– There’s now a large number of online packages which integrate into xero, Some of these like workflowmax can record time , raise invoices, and integrate these invoices directly into Xero saving data entry between packages. If  you use a software package not currently integrated into Xero you could have a bespoke integration made into Xero’s api
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