Work for dole- How it could work

I’ve been debating the work for dole idea with friends and on twitter over the last few days. Personally I think if set up correctly it ‘could’ work. Here’s how:

  • There has to be an increased welfare payment to cover the extra expenses involved in travelling and lunches
  • Anyone on social welfare should be able to approach the non profit organisation of their choice and work with them without waiting for random selection. Time sheets are sent in weekly from the organisation to the social welfare. This would ensure no one is stuck doing work they don’t like
  • Participants of the scheme should be paid their dole straight into their bank account so don’t have to join the ‘dole que’ to collect their payment.
  • Inspectors must police the system to ensure all workers are treated fairly
  • This programme could give people a reason to get out of bed and hopefully a sense of a achievement by being back at work again. It also alleviates the two things which I personally would hate about being on the dole. 1. Boredom. 2. The humiliation of the dole office.

    My own close family members have been touched by unemployment over the years and I have personally seen what it can do to an individual.


    Tax Refunds Ireland

    Every little helps – Business Cost Saving

    Sometimes in business we ignore the small things. A tiny overcharge on an invoice, a few euros off on the VAT but these small things can become material.

    Today while working with a client I phoned one of his suppliers to get an €8 delivery charge removed from an invoice. This might seem very small but we also convinced the supplier to remove the delivery charge on a permanent basis as along as there is an agreed spend (the spend is necessary so no extra cost there.)

    Although this started off as an €8 expense the saving from the negotiations is now €3,000 per annum, This was worth the phone call im sure you agree. Over the last week or two we have reduced the clients overhead, eliminated unprofitable work, reduced waste, decreased their tax bill and created management reports to allow focus on high margin work.

    The net effect of this will be at least €30,000 a year on the bottom line. The cost of the consultancy to achieve this was 5% of the savings.

    A good accountant should always cover their cost!

    Think of the €30K saving the next time you have a small extra expense which you don’t bother sorting out.

    If you require any assistance with cost saving or management reports please do not hesitate to email
    or phone Ralph on 086-3336665

    Alternative to Fax- The Paperless office

    My efforts to create a paperless accountants office is often hamepered by having to get documents signed. Today the solution to this problem fell into my lap when one of my vendors asked me to sign a document using Echo Sign

    This was painless, paperless and fast. I have now set up my own accountant and will be testing the package over the next few weeks.

    Watch this space for an update


    Capital Acquisitions Tax – ROS Form IT38

    In June 2010 Revenue launched a new version of the Capital Acquisition Tax (CAT) Form IT38 on ROS.

    This Form has now been enhanced further, particularly in relation to Favourite Niece/Nephew Relief and in relation to Capital Gains Tax.

    Users of the ROS Offline Application should note that a new version of the IT38 Form is today available to download. To ensure that you have the most up to date version of this form installed, you should:

    Open the ROS Offline Application

    Select “Download”

    Select “Refresh”

    Scroll to the “Form IT38”

    Select the “Upgrade” button (the “Upgrade” button will not be available/visible if you have already downloaded the latest version of the Form IT38).

    When you have successfully downloaded the new version of the return you can continue preparing Forms IT38 for your clients.

    If you have prepared Forms IT38 for your clients, using an earlier version of the form, that have not yet been filed, you should open them in ROS Offline, review the content and save them again before uploading them on ROS. This will ensure that the most up to date version of the return is used.

    Practitioners may have noticed, on the “Print” option of the ROS Offline Application, that the current benefit is displayed as though it has been rounded down to the nearest thousand. This incorrect display of the current benefit is not affecting the correct calculation of the tax due and will be corrected in a further upgrade of the Return scheduled for September.

    The September upgrade will also make some minor calculation changes where credit in respect of CGT arises.