Galway Accountant – Upgrade of ROS P35

Upgrade of ROS P35

The P35 Annual Return filed by Employers has been redesigned on both the ROS Online and Offline applications, to enhance the appearance of this form and make it more user friendly.

The revised form design is consistent for both ROS Online and Offline applications.

These changes will apply to P35 screens for the 2010 period onwards. For periods prior to 2010, the P35 Screens will not change.

The functionality that enables users to edit or add P35Ls, and print and generate P60s, is available on the new P35 Offline Screens.

Customers are reminded that they will need to upgrade their Offline P35 for 2010 and future years. This can be done from the ‘Downloads’ menu.

The P35L Report in ROS Inbox has been updated to include the Income levy.
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