Temporary Accounting Staff

One of the services we provide at Do My Books is temporary accounting staff. I have answered the common questions I am asked in relation to this service below:

Q1. What services can your Temporary accounting staff provide:
A: Common services are:
1. Bank Reconciliations
2. VAT Returns
3. Payroll including P30’s and P35’s
4. Financial Reporting both Management and regulatory
5. Assistance with income tax returns and corporation tax
6. Assistance with accountancy packages
7. Stock taking service
8. Accounts staff training
9. Set up finance software
10. Pre year end/ Audit work

That is a small selection of the large amount of services we can offer consultants to provide.

Q2: How much do temporary accounting staff cost.
A: This cost varies for a longer term contract with basic finance work (i.e entering supplier invoices) We can provide a fully trained staff member for approximately €20 per hour + VAT. There is a sliding scale of charges after this up to €60 per hour for high level accountancy work. This represents excellent value when you consider you are not responsible for their PAYE and Holiday Pay.

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