Temporary Accounting Staff

One of the services we provide at Do My Books is temporary accounting staff. I have answered the common questions I am asked in relation to this service below:

Q1. What services can your Temporary accounting staff provide:
A: Common services are:
1. Bank Reconciliations
2. VAT Returns
3. Payroll including P30’s and P35’s
4. Financial Reporting both Management and regulatory
5. Assistance with income tax returns and corporation tax
6. Assistance with accountancy packages
7. Stock taking service
8. Accounts staff training
9. Set up finance software
10. Pre year end/ Audit work

That is a small selection of the large amount of services we can offer consultants to provide.

Q2: How much do temporary accounting staff cost.
A: This cost varies for a longer term contract with basic finance work (i.e entering supplier invoices) We can provide a fully trained staff member for approximately €20 per hour + VAT. There is a sliding scale of charges after this up to €60 per hour for high level accountancy work. This represents excellent value when you consider you are not responsible for their PAYE and Holiday Pay.

Pay and File deadline

Quick reminder to all that you can extend the Pay and File deadline to 16th of November 2009 by both paying and filing online using Revenue on line (ROS).

Using any other means payment must be made by 31st of October 2009.

If you need any advice filling in your form 11 please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dont leave it too late!

Copy VAT 3 Form

If like some of my clients you have a tendency to loose documentation you might find yourself looking for another blank VAT 3 form.
Rather than phoning the Revenue and waiting for them to post you out a Blank VAT 3 form you can download one in .pdf format from the Revenue.ie website.

It is located here

Remember you can outsource your VAT returns to Do My Books for as little as €25 per month. Saving you time and ensuring you are VAT compliant.

Of course its quicker to use ROS but thats another Blog post!



Working with clients I see them using all sorts of creative ways in trying to develop their sales price. Sometimes using mark up and margins sometimes licking their finger and holding it out the window.

Calculating a selling price using a gross margin is relatively simple = cost / (1-Gross Margin%) yet it still manages to confuse people.

For that reason I’ve added an extract from a very basic spreadsheet below

Please feel free to take a copy of this for your own use.


This morning a client received a lovely letter from the Revenue commissioners requesting some updated VAT numbers for a VIES statement. Along with this letter was an A4 page encouraging them to submit VIES statements online which of course is a fantastic idea. I was impressed with the Revenue for promoting their online service.

This new found respect for the Revenue lasted about 20 seconds, When I updated the VAT numbers and went to re-submit them I see the following on the bottom of the cover letter “Please reply by post or fax using this letter or with a copy of this letter attached”

Unbelievable they invested millions in ROS ,They invested more printing letters promoting the service and then when I actually want to use it I cant!!

As a side note if you are raising export invoices with no VAT keep your VIES statements up to date and check your clients VAT numbers on this website to ensure you dont get caught for the VAT yourself.