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Capital Acquisitions Tax – ROS Form IT38

Aug 3

In June 2010 Revenue launched a new version of the Capital Acquisition Tax (CAT) Form IT38 on ROS. This Form has now been enhanced further, particularly in relation to Favourite Niece/Nephew Relief and in relation to Capital Gains Tax. Users of the ROS Offline Application should note that a new version of the IT38 Form […]

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Pay & File – Revenue On-Line Service – Extension of filing date in 2010

Mar 31

Today, Revenue announced an extension to the return filing and tax payment date for self-assessment customers using the Revenue On-Line Service (ROS). For customers who file the 2009 Form 11 return and make the appropriate payment through ROS for: * Preliminary Tax for 2010, * Income Tax balance due for 2009, the due date is […]

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Galway Accountant – Upgrade of ROS P35

Mar 29

Upgrade of ROS P35 The P35 Annual Return filed by Employers has been redesigned on both the ROS Online and Offline applications, to enhance the appearance of this form and make it more user friendly. The revised form design is consistent for both ROS Online and Offline applications. These changes will apply to P35 screens […]

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