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Raising Capital

Jul 9

Recently I was discussing with one of  our clients as to whether they needed investment or not and I realised very very few of our clients started their business with outside investment. Before you go looking at raising capital I would strongly suggest looking at the following.   Can you adjust the business model slightly […]

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Reducing Debtor Days – 10 Ways to get paid!

Mar 7

Reducing your companies Debtor Days will improve cash flow, reduce the risk of bad debt and decrease financing and interest costs. So there’s a lots of reasons to do it! But how? Improve the flow of documentation. If you are presently raising invoices once a week consider raising them once a day. The faster your […]

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Will your business survive 2010?

Jan 7

Almost every business owner I speak to at the moment is having issues with their cash flow and unfortunately more business’s will fail in 2010.  You can have thousands of great customers and make huge profits but without cash flowing through the busines it will fail. Despite what the advertisements say Banks are still declining lots of loan/ overdraft applications […]

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