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Civil servants pay cut

Jun 15

I’m reading this article in the Sunday business post it relates to ministers cutting the pay of top civil servants. This is all well and good; the pay should be in line with the private private sector, My concern is the actual number of civil servants. An example is the revenue commissioners. (Whom I […]

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The groupon bubble

May 18

I use groupon (City deals in Ireland) a bit. I travel with work and the hotel deals are excellent. Too good in fact when you consider the hotels get on average 50% of what you pay, and only after the guest has stayed. I’m sure the publicity is great for the hotels and if you have […]

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Chartered Accountants

Recovery remains uneven – KBC survey

Apr 15

A new survey suggests that business sentiment has continued to stabilise during the first three months of 2011. A new survey suggests that business sentiment has continued to stabilise across the economy during the first three months of 2011. The KBC Bank/Chartered Accountants Ireland business sentiment survey indicates that the economy is ‘bouncing along the […]

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Anti money laundering quiz

Feb 16


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Small business budgeting

Jan 3

Every month large  organisations pour over budgets, Analysiing variances, updating forcasts.. But what about Small Businesses? Should they budget too? Absolutely. If you don’t prepare a budget you have nothing to aim to. Budgeting will assist with business planning and cost control ultimately success. What Is a Budget?Although you might not know it, you prepare […]

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Call answering service

Jan 2

I’ve been researching call answering services (virtual receptionist) for a few weeks now, My problem is relatively simple. 80% of the time either myself or one of our staff members is available to answer the phone. But at times like Christmas and Holidays I may require some extra support. The only professional pay as you […]

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Theo Paphitis book – Enter the dragon

Dec 29

I started into Enter the Dragon on a short flight to London a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I left the book behind me in the seat pocket. The fact that I was so annoyed I’d lost it and bought another copy straight away is a compliment its self for this book. Watching Dragons Den I […]

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The Taoist farmer – Finding the hidden opportunities in life

Dec 21

The Taoist farmer lived in a remote village in the furthermost corner of China. He was not a wealthy man, but he was content with his life, and farmed a small plot of land with his son and wife. One day, a wild horse galloped on to his land, jumped the fence and began grazing […]

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Single Business Number

Oct 25

In our home market of New Zealand we’ve been dialing up the awareness of a Single Business Number (SBN). An SBN is a public unique identifier for each small business. Single ID number for firms Australia already has a Single Business Number (called the Australian Business Number – ABN) as does Canada, the US (Employer […]

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Yodlee bank feeds update for Australia

Oct 12

We’re making excellent progress with the first phase of our Yodlee integration which will extend our bank feeds to many more financial institutions in Australia. We had been hoping to launch this new service on Monday 18 October, but we need some more time to complete the testing to ensure that everything works as it should […]

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