Cliniko and Xero Integration

Oct 12

  Cliniko: More than just an online diary Cliniko is a cost-effective practice management solution that allows healthcare practitioners to: Manage schedules: Cliniko makes it easy to access and change your schedules, create and modify patient bookings, track waitlists and even manage group appointments. It also allows users to manage multiple locations and monitor patient […]

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SME Finance – The big mistake

Jun 1

When we meet a potential new client one of the key areas for the client is our price, this makes sense. They want a great service but they also want value. Accountants are all different, but imagine if you we’re choosing something where all suppliers had the exact same thing. Money. The CSO released the results […]

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5 Tax saving tips for landlords

Jun 1

Keep receipts for ALL allowable expenses, In practise we find some clients aren’t careful about keeping receipts, This means they have less tax deductible expenses and end up paying more tax. Have a system for recording your expenses. It’s very easy to snap a photo of a receipt / invoice using your phones straight into […]

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Excel Pivot Table – Data source reference not valid

Feb 22

If you have are trying to create a pivot table and are getting the error “Data source reference not valid”  It’s ususally caused by excel sheets with square brackets in the title [ remove these and it should work fine]  

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What happens if you sell a section 23 property early

May 8

If you have a section 23 property and you dispose of it within 10 years of the first qualifying lease the relief already granted is clawed back. All relief previously granted is treated as rental income in the year you dispose of the property.

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Revenue – Taking care of business events

Feb 5

Revenue are running their taking care of business event again in 2014. This is a great free event which I highly recommend for Small Business owners The dates are 11 March Limerick Strand Hotel 25 March Galway Radisson Blu 1 April Cork Silver Springs Further details are available on the revenue website

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Is the household charge deductible for landlords calculating their rental income?

Jul 26

No. Revenue have indicated that the household charge is not an allowable expense for Case V rental income

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Pay and file deadline

When is the pay and file deadline for income tax

Jul 24

Pay and file deadline is the 31st of October 2013. Tax payers and their agents who file using Revenue Online get an extension to Thursday the 14th of November 2013 There are -1505 days and -8 hours left until the pay and file deadline If you have to file an income tax return and require […]

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Xero – There was a problem importing the file

Jul 23

Unfortunately in Ireland we don’t have many banks supporting feeds into Xero so must import the files manually as CSV. If you are importing a bank statement into Xero as a CSV file and get the error “There was a problem importing the file” I have found that changing the format of the date into […]

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6 ways online accounting saves you money

Jul 22

We have been providing online accounting services for a few years now and we love it. Over that period our clients have been delighted to notice that as well as getting real time access to their financial information they are also saving money. We’ve listed the reasons below: Online accounting is free to upgrade: If […]

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