Destination reference is not valid in pivot table wizard

Dec 6

I was getting the following error in Excel 2010 today while trying to prepare a pivot table. “Data source reference is not valid”

datasource reference is not valid

datasource reference is not valid

When I copy and pasted the data into an entirely new worksheet it worked fine. The original spreadsheet was downloaded from the internet and it seems that excel throws up this error if you try to run the pivot table while the spreadsheet is stored in a temporary folder.

Hope this helps someone,


  1. sameer
    Aug 9

    don’t know, what has gone wrong in my excel, I have not been able to create any pivot table in excel. I tried this at Office desktop as well as Laptop.

    If you get a chance could you please help me to fix this as soon as you can.

  2. Jeremy Collins
    Aug 9

    Check to also see if the workbook is protected. Just go to unprotect and try again.

  3. Chris
    Sep 23

    Yep, I exported to a spreadsheet from a web-based report and got the error. As soon as I saved the file in another, non-temp location, it worked.

    You helped me and I appreciate it!

  4. Dawn L.
    Nov 15

    Perfect!!! You helped me too. Thanks!

  5. Phong
    Jan 11

    I encountered this same problem. Thank you very much for your tip. It is a real time saver.


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