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Feb 22
  1. Do My Books along with our partners Xero Online Accounting can now allow you to access your accounts anywhere you have internet access. Accounting shouldn’t be a chore – it should be a chance to get a quick and real time view of your financial position. Now you can with Xero online accounting and Do My Books. Your bookkeeping can be completed in one location while your accountant can access your accounting information from another- Real time!
  2. Xero is an online accounting system that’s simple, smart and secure, helping you save time and money, and making your finances easier to handle. Xero puts you back in control so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.
  3. Work online, in real time and take control – everything you need is at your fingertips allowing you to make decisions quickly
  4. Immediate up to date overview of your business finances and cashflow – you can see it at a glance
  5. Unlimited user logins – Xero lets your accountant, business partner, stakeholders – Or anyone else you authorise into your account to collaborate on your figures.
  6. Xero even works on your mobile, giving you an overview of the accounts for every organisation you manage. See your bank balances, recent transactions and who owes you money on the go. You can even call any contact with a single tap. Xero Mobile works on your iPhone, Windows Mobile or your Blackberry.

If you would like to arrange a free demonstration please email: or contact 086-3336665 or 091-442882

Online Accounts Ireland

Online Accounts Ireland


  1. Please email details of xero accounting.

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    Please email me details of your accounting package


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