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Reduce your tax bill as an employee

Jan 15

As A PAYE there is limited opportunities to reduce your tax bill but one thing you may be able to do is claim flat rate expenses based on your employment category. The list below is the most up to date on List of expenses from If you require any further information please do […]

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Advantages of a limited company over a sole trader

Jan 14

This is a common issue for entrepreneurs, Should they operate as a sole trader or limited company. From a purely tax point of view if your company profit is larger than you need to live on a Ltd company is the likely to be the most tax efficient option. The savings would work as follows, Profit for yr €1.2MDrawings […]

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Small Businesses can now use the small claims court

Jan 8

Good news for small businesses in Ireland. The dept of justice has made a press release annoucing small businesses can under certain circumstances use the small claims court. Prior to this development the legal costs in suing an individual were large and only relevant when the amount was large, this welcome development allows for recourse with smaller […]

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Will your business survive 2010?

Jan 7

Almost every business owner I speak to at the moment is having issues with their cash flow and unfortunately more business’s will fail in 2010.  You can have thousands of great customers and make huge profits but without cash flowing through the busines it will fail. Despite what the advertisements say Banks are still declining lots of loan/ overdraft applications […]

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