Why outsource your payroll?

Dec 14

Since the economic downturn in Ireland A  significant number of Irish companies have outsourced their payroll to a specialist provider (Like Domybooks!) As well as allowing them to reduce headcount this also comes with further advantages as listed below:

  • Compliance- As experts we ensure you are fully complaint with all relevant payroll legislation.
  • Timelyness- We ensure all your information is available when you need it and all returns are filed on time
  • Accruacy- Errors in payroll can be costly and give a bad impression to staff, Remove errors by using an expert
  • Worry!- Pass the worry of keeping up to date with budgets and tax changes to someone else
  • Reporting- A professional payroll bureau will provide a variety of reports allowing you to analyse your costs and make changes when necessary
  • Back up- Outsourcing provides disaster recovery as back-up of payroll information is kept off the premises
  • Confidentiality- Reduces risk of exposing confidential payroll information to unauthorised personnel

At Domybooks we use the latest technology to cut costs and pass the savings onto our clients. This means you can outsource your payroll to us for as little as €15 per week or €20 per month if you run a monthly payroll. This includes year end processing, payslips and all set up fee’s

As a special offer we are currently giving the first month free!

Please email payroll@domybooks.ie for further information

This is the Blog of an Accountant based in Galway providing Bookkeeping services and accountancy software

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